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Wee t rigged w borderWee tad holes w border

The Wee Tad is a 2-inch thread through plug, which is very effective for various species in both fresh and salt water. This tiny plug was responsible for catching a Chinook salmon weighing 69 lbs. It is popular for trout, bass and kokanee in particular.  Also used for Sockeye, Pink Salmon, Tuna, Snook, Jack, and Permit.

Each Wee Tad comes with a bead, swivel, and either a treble or a single hook (your choice). The Wee Tad weighs 3.5 grams (give or take a little bit depending how many layers of paint are on it).

There are two holes through the Wee Tad for your choice of leader position.  Each hole gives a different action, which enables it to be trolled at various speeds with a huge variety of hook sizes (from #6 to 4/0 singles).  For fast troll use the front (face) hole, and for slower troll use the top (back) hole.

These plugs may be customized to your specific needs and even fished in multiples (see stacking instructions).

Most Tomic colors are available on the Wee Tad.

Wee tad assoted w border

This picture shows some popular Wee Tad colors. From top to bottom they are:

900 (that’s chrome look)

950 (that’s brass look)