Classic – the original Tomic plug shape still reliable today!






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The Classic is the original design of the Tomic plug, and now comes in 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, and 7″. All Tomic plugs float, but they dig down into the water when trolled.


The Classic Series has an erratic side to side swimming action that fish love. Mainly a trolling lure, the Classic comes rigged with a single stainless hook and is great for down rigging or top water trolling. See the instructions for how to fish with them.

In this photo that shows one of each size of classic, the 7″ is shown in color 546g (called the Mike pilchard on glow).

The 6″ in this photo is color 602 (it glows).

The 5″ in this picture is color 500.

The 4″ in this picture is color 730.

The 3″ in this picture is color 800.



Most colors are available on all plugs and plug sizes.

classic rigged

You’ll find specs on the Classic series in the table below.

We use USA made nickel swivels. Over the years we’ve used several suppliers for hooks.  The hooks we put on are either Eagle Claw stainless hooks, Mustad stainless hooks, or VMC permasteel hooks.

The table below shows the hook sizes we generally put on the classics. They will work with a much bigger or much smaller hook, so that’s something you can change to experiment with.  Beware of stainless hooks though – if you bend it off, throw it away, because it will become brittle. Note that the bigger the hook in relation to the body size, the faster the plug should be trolled to get the correct side to side action.


Size: Crane swivel: Hook: weight without hook:
3″ #3 3/o 9 grams
4″ #3 4/o 12 grams
5″ #1 5/o 23 grams
6″ 2/o 6/o 41 grams
7″ 2/o 8/0 57 grams

Please do send us a note if there’s any more Tomic information you’d like.