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multi family w border


The Multi is the same body shape as the Classic, but it has a ring in the tail, and the bottom of the tow bar (where the hook is attached) does not have a swivel.

The Multi comes rigged with treble hooks using split rings (one on the bottom of the tow bar, and one in the ring that is incorporated in the tail).

The Multi is good for top water trolling or downrigging. All Tomic plugs float, so they are also great for top water popping or walking the dog. Tomic plugs dig down in the water when trolled or retrieved, depth depending on leader length and speed.

The Multi is a good choice for casting as the added weight of the back hook assists the cast.


Multi size: Hook size: Weight:
3 inch #4 9 grams
4 inch #4 12 grams
5 inch #3 23 grams
6 inch 1/o 41 grams
7 inch 2/o 57 grams