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spoon family on rocks w border

The Tomic spoon (formerly called the Road Runner) is a lightweight trolling spoon, which comes rigged with welded rings, swivel(s) and a stainless single hook. Trolling spoons are available in these sizes: 6″, 5″, 3.5″ and 3″. The casting spoon  is shown at the bottom of this photo.

From top to bottom the spoons in this photo are:

6″ honeycomb color 203
6″ spoon 900 (that’s sliver holograph scale)
5″ spoon color 727
5″ honeycomb spoon color 545 (color called Kelly pilchard)
3″ spoon color 577
3″ hammered spoon, color 602
3.5″ spoon color 576 (color called Popsicle)
2″ casting spoon, yellow with red scale

Check out tips for fishing with spoons on the instructions page.

Colors are applied to the front of the spoon only, and the back is left polished nickel. Special requests may be made for double sided patterns for a small additional charge.

The honeycomb pattern is an option available in the 5 and 6″ spoon. The spoons are the same weight and shape, the difference is only the stamped honeycomb pattern.  The 3.5″  comes in smooth texture only (note the 3.5″ is proportionally a little wider than the 3, 5 and 6″ spoons). The 3″ comes in hammered finish as well as smooth.

spoons rigged 513 w border

We have recently made a hardware improvement, after extensive field testing. Traditionally the spoons have come with a welded ring and swivel at the front of the spoon, and a ring (perhaps with a spinner) at the back of the spoon, to which the hook is attached (like the bottom spoon in this photo). We now add a swivel to the back ring  in addition to the swivel at the front, and attach the hook to the back swivel (like the top spoon in this photo).

In our testing, having the hook further back resulted in a better hit/miss ratio, so fewer missed strikes. We also felt we lost fewer fish during the fight, since the spoon moves freely so the fish can’t use the spoon for leverage to twist off.

You’ll therefore find Tomic spoons available both ways now, so if you have a strong preference either way inspect the spoon carefully before purchase. When sending out new spoons, we default to the new way with the hook end swivel, but we rig them the traditional way when requested.  If your spoons are one way and you’d like them the other, the ring can easily be clipped off with wire cutters and replaced with a split ring and hardware of your choice. Spoon specs are in the table below.

Spoons are available in most Tomic colors. Read about how Tomic colors relate to spoon patterns here: Spoon colors.

One more little color note – the two spoons in the picture above are done with two watermelon color variations. The top color is 513ac or 513dc, and the bottom color is 513. The “ac” stands for “actual chrome” meaning we paint directly on the spoon blank without a solid undercoat of white first. “dc” means “duracoat” which is what we treat the nickel spoon with before painting so that the paint will stick directly to the metal without the special white undercoat. On a spoon “ac” and “dc” mean the same thing. Duracoat was new for summer 2012.

Spoon: Swivel Hook Weight without hook:
casting spoon #3 3/o 17 grams
3″ smooth or hammered #3 3/o 11 grams
3.5″ smooth #3 4/o 11 grams
5″ smooth #3 6/o 19 grams
6″ smooth #1 7/o 25 grams