flasher w wash back  and border

The Tomic Sonic Flasher features a unique washboard texture back, which really stirs up the water. Sonics are heavy flashers with an aggressive bend, and therefore pull very hard. We’ve found them most useful as teaser flashers and that is how we recommend they be used. Teaser flashers (also called dummy flashers) are run from the bottom of your downrigger line, with the lure or bait trolled and stacked above and behind. See about teaser flashers for more directions on the teaser method.

The Sonic comes rigged with one barrel swivel and one ball bearing swivel.

Presently available in purple haze, green, blue and pink/red with either silver scale tape or plaid tape.

flasher teaser w borderTomic Teaser: You may purchase your Sonic Flasher rigged for use as a Teaser flasher. It comes rigged with a stainless snap, heavy test monofilament line, a barrel swivel and a ball bearing swivel.

flasher and teaser packaged w border