Halibut for Shelly:
halibut sjpgMy wife Shelly and I fished Eastern Bank out in the Straits of Juan De Fuca and caught this fish Sunday April 9th, 2006 on the 727 6″ spoon. The fished weighed 56.5lbs and was 49″ long. I want to Thank You for the color recommendations and I am all ears if you have any other tips to share.
Best Regards, Tim Johnson, Marysville , WA










Eric Owen

Eric Owen a commercial salmon fisherman from California says:
“Spoons have been working great, as are the TNT’s. I enclosed a few pictures of a trip I made a month or so ago, most of the fish came on your spoons, about 3000lbs. Thanks a lot!
Erik  O., Jenner, California


From John Wells, Hindsight Charters:
For some time know I have fished with Tomic Lures and always had great success. I have been fishing the Road Runner spoons (now just called Tomic Spoons) here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island since inception. This spoon works wonders in regards to Halibut and all salmon species. As a charter boat Captain I need reliable lures that produce fish, all of our fish from offshore waters come from the Road Runner spoon. This has been the best lure since the Tomic Plug, which still works great. The spoon trolls at a very slow speed, or a fast speed, which allows me to keep on the fish. Drift fishing for halibut is made simple with the Road Runner spoon, even with a light current the spoon works.

Thanks for making my job more rewarding.

John Wells
HindSight Charters