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tnt family w black borderThe TNT (formerly called the Terminator) is the ultimate multi purpose thread through lures. The TNT can be trolled at any speed depending on which leading hole it’s being trolled from. The 4.5″ TNT has 3 front holes to choose from, the 3.5″ has 2. For a slow troll, tow from the furthest hole back, or for a fast troll, tow from the front or first hole.

As with plugs and spoons, the TNT action should be from side to side, nor rolling over.

All TNT’s come with attached tail spinner blade and rigged with a swivel and stainless single hook.

Available is 4.5 inch and 3.5 inch. When we rig the TNT’s, on a 3.5″ we use a #3 swivel and a 3/o single hook.  On the 4.5″ we use a #1 swivel and a 6/o hook.  We add a bead between the swivel and the TNT on the 4.5″ TNT but skip the bead on the 3.5″.

tnt rigged w borderThere are many proven rigging alterations to check out in TNT tips.

Most Tomic colors are available on the TNT:  About TNT colors