We’ve heard from fishermen about the Wee Tad in particular and how they fish with it:

Weight your Wee Tad:
Squeeze a split shot weight to the line under your Wee Tad, about a half an inch above the hook. The hook will trail back towards the tail a bit more and the weight changes the action.

Wee Tad on Steel Leader:
“Hi, most of my fishing with your lures is for trout but I use the Wee Tads for all fish. They are the best lure you can use for walleye and pike. I modify them by cutting the clip off a 18 inch steel leader, passing it through the Wee Tad, putting a larger red bead under it, then crimping the hook to the leader. This combination will catch 3 to one better than the rubber jigs. Bryan”

A follow up to Bryan’s advice above:
“A while back I told you of a steel leader combo with the Wee Tad for Pike and Walleye . My latest was an attempt to use it for Bass and it was equally as productive. The 244 color has been winning many of the local trout derbies for myself and my sons. We fish from Merritt to the Kootenays and always have good results with that color. Bryan